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Refer to the exhibit.

hp hpe6-a80 exam questions q1

A customer needs a wireless network upgrade and has these requirements.

Support any applications used on a wired connection

Support up to 2500 wireless clients

Support seamless roaming from floor to floor and building to building

Continue to function seamlessly if one controller fails The architect has designed the logical infrastructure for the
network as shown in the exhibit Which change should the architect make to belter meet customer requirements and besl practices?

A. Combine me /25 subnets for wireless and wired users into a /16 subnet.
B. Install additional Mobility Controller.
C. Combine the /25 subnets for wireless users into a /20 subnet
D. Place each controller in a different VLAN and subnet.



Refer to the exhibit.

hp hpe6-a80 exam questions q2

A stadium wants to deploy location-based services, including blue-dot wayfinding over a 200.000 square root (isr580 sq. m) area. The custom past particular areas. The customer has selected a 1 year subscription.
The exhibit shows the BOM that the architect created in iris.

Which correction should the architect make?

A. Change the campaign subscription to a Maps subscription.

B. Add two Maps subscriptions.

C. Add another campaign subscription.

D. Remove one Blue Dot Nav subscription.



Compare the scenarios below. For which scenario do AP-575S meet the needs?

A. The customer needs APs for an Indoor nigh density environment In which tne customer prefers dual 5GHz operation.

B. The customer needs APs for an indoor stadium that requires overhead coverage and directional antennas.

C. The customer needs to mount APs in an outdoor area, but that area only has fiber cable available,

D. The customer needs APS mounted to a concrete building exterior to provide coverage in a 90 foot (27m) radius from the building.



A hospital needs a Getter way to track its inventory Including wireless medical devices that are moved around the site a

Which solution meets these needs?

A. Aruba asset tags and beacons

B. Aruba beacons. APs. and AirWave

C. Aruba beacons and Meridian

D. Aruba asset tags, APs; and Meridian



A hospital wireless network must support many different types of users and devices, including: Visitors who access the
Internet Admin staff, who run applications such as scheduling Medical staff, who look up patient info on their tablets
Patient monitoring devices, which must not lose any traffic Communicator badges, which support real-time voice to
allow nurses and doctors to communicate.

The hospital needs to ensure that the most vital and time-sensitive traffic is prioritized and that visitors do not interfere
with hospital applications. The MC should mark traffic that passes through it for an appropriate priority.

Which plan meets the needs?

(The plans describe firewall roles and rules but do not need to use correct syntax. Note that security roles are also not included.)

A. Medical staff = Highest. Patient monitoring = Highest. Admin staff – High. Communicator = Normal. Visitors = Low.

B. Communicator = Highest. Patient monitoring = Highest. Medical staff = High. Admin staff = Normal: Visitors = Low.

C. Patient monitoring = Highest. Medical staff = Highest. communicators = High. Admin staff = High. Visitors = Normal.

D. Medical staff = Highest. Communicator = High. Patient monitoring = High. Admin = High. Visitors = Normal



Refer to the exhibit.

hp hpe6-a80 exam questions q6

The exhibit shows the design for an existing network. The customer intends to replace the current Core switches with
two Aruba 8400 switches.

What are two points that the architect should ensure that the customer understands? (Select two.)

A. The 8400 switches do not support VSF.

B. The 8400 switches cannot be monitored by AirWave.

C. The 8400 switches run different software than the 5400R switches.

D. The 8400 switches have a smaller ARP table than the 540OR switches.

E. The 8400 switches are fixed port switches.



In which scenario do Aruba CX 6400 Series switches, but not Aruba 6300M Series switches, meet the needs Tor a
wired upgrade?

A. The customer requires switches in the same closet to operate together as a single switch for Link Aggregation but to
be managed as separate devices.

B. The customer requires enhanced redundancy at the access layer and wants to ensure that each switch can continue to operate even if a power supply fails

C. The customer requires each access layer switch to support at least 25Gbps on its fiber uplinks at all times; including
if up to one uplink tails.

D. The customer has recently deployed Aruba AP-535 APs and is concerned about a future-proof wired edge that will
continue to support expanding bandwidth requirements.



A customer has multiple medium and large branch sites, eacri of which requires between S ana 16 APs and supports
between 200 and 600 wireless clients, Every branch site has an Internet connection, which it uses to reach the central
data center. The customer would prefer the WAN links to be optimized in the solution.
Different use cases require SSID\\’s for tunneled traffic from remote sites to central location, traffic that must remain
local on the remote site, and traffic which would need to egress out from remote site Internet connection.

Which branch office solution best meets the customer needs?

A. lAPs with Aruba central

B. RAPs and branch office controllers

C. IAPs with branch office controllers

D. CAPS and branch office controllers



Refer to the exhibit.

hp hpe6-a80 exam questions q9

A customer has the wined infrastructure shown in the exhibit. The customer is in the process of expanding their wireless services They will now add a new wireless solution, with mobility controllers (MCs) connected as shown. The new wireless solution will support a total of 450 APs and about 26,000 wireless devices. It must provide seamless roaming across the entire campus.

After the new deployment, both wired and wireless devices experience IP connectivity issues.

Which change to the existinginfrastructureshould the architect recommend to support all of the customer requirements?

A. The wired VLANS should be combined into a single VLAN and n6 subnet

B. The core switches should be replaced with switches that have larger ARP tables.

C. The MCs should be moved to the aggregation layer, and more MCs added

D. The core and aggregation switches should disable Virtual Switching Framework (VSF).



A customer needs an AP for an indoor lecture nail mat is about 82 feet (25 m) by 32 feet (25 m) and has 300 seats. The
ceiling height is 15 feet The expected take rate is 100 percent.

The network needs to support the student laptops, which all support S02.Hac and some support 802.11ax standard.
The customer would like to obtain as many usable cells as possible with as few APs as possible.

Which of these APs meets the requirements?

A. AP-335

B. AP-S15

C. AP-345

D. AP-535



A mall requires a wireless network upgrade to 802 -Max The company that owns the mall wants to provide the APs for
the entire mall. However, several of the larger national chain retailers with spaces in the mall want to offer wireless
services with their own SSIDs. These individual retailers also have their own wireless guest services and wireless client
devices They have their own corporate infrastructure and want to handle all of this wireless traffic on their own, including terminating the traffic on their own controllers. The mall requires redundancy for its services, out the retailers do not.

Which plan for mobility controllers (MCs) and mobility master (MW) meets the needs of this scenario?

A. a pair of MMs for the mall company, but not MCs: MMs control one MC for each retailer with its own SSIDs

B. two MCs for the mall company and for all of the retailers, both controlled by the same pair of MMs

C. two MCs for the mail company controlled by a pair of MMS; one standalone MC for each retailer with its own SSIDS

D. two MCs for the mall company and one MC for each retailer with its own SSIDs, all controlled by the same pair of MMs



A customer has a large network, which includes a main site and many branch sites. The network has a total of about
10.000 wireless devices at the main site and 15,000 wireless devices total at branches. To fulfill the requirements for a
wireless network upgrade, the architect plans to propose;
2 7205 MCs at the main site
2 7210 MCs at the main site
10 7030 MCs at branch sites
200 RAPs at branch sites
500 CAPS at the main site
300 CAPS at branch sites

What is the most cost-effective Mobility Master solution that meets the requirements\\’?

A. MM-HW-5K appliance

B. MM-HW-5K appliance + MM-HW-5k appliance

C. MM-HW-1K appliance

D. MM-HW-1OK appliance



Which scenario Indicates the need for a wireless mesh?

A. A nsstorical building has some wired areas and a few areas with no wired or wireless connectivity, walls and ceilings
have asbestos. The company needs wireless access across the site.

B. A hospital needs to provide high availability for wireless services in certain areas which support very critical wireless
medical devices. Devices must always be in range of at least two APs.

C. A company has a small branch office with just one RAP. The company has noticed that performance is poor in some
areas of the network and wants to add another AP.

D. A company needs to provide seamless roaming and wireless access between two buildings. The buildings are about
60 feet (18 m)apart.

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