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What provides built-in real-time and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, including reports for Splits/Skills,
Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs), and Trunk Groups?
A. Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
B. Basic Call Management System (BCMS)
C. VuStats
D. Service Level Maximizer (SLM)
Correct Answer: B

A customer is waiting in the queue, listening to music, and waiting for the call to be routed to an agent.
Which mechanism controls what happens while the customer is waiting in the queue?
A. Agent Stations
B. Vectors
C. Skills
D. Hunt Groups
Correct Answer: B

While configuring the Service Observing feature, which three forms should be configured and/or verified? (Choose
A. System Parameters Customer-Options
B. Class of Restriction
C. VuStats Display
D. Feature-Related System Parameters
E. Class of Service
Correct Answer: BCD

Which type of virtual routing allows calls among call centers to achieve improved Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) load-balance by comparing sites?
A. Adjunct Routing
B. Network Call Redirection
C. Network Call Transfer
D. Look-Ahead Interflow
Correct Answer: D

A. Entire
B. Personal
C. System
D. Group
Correct Answer: C

Which statement about concurrent agent user licenses is true?
A. A number of agents that can be registered in more than one Communication Manager simultaneously.
B. A number of agents that can be added to the system.
C. Only the specified number of licensed units can gain access to more than one skill at a time.
D. Only the specified number of licensed units can gain access to and register the agent with the Communication Manager
at any given time.
Correct Answer: D

Agents/supervisors want to have the ability to log in/logout of splits/skills, change their work mode, and perform service
What is used to facilitate this ability?
A. Dial Access Plans
B. Feature Access Codes (FACs)
C. Skill Assignment
D. Business Advocate (BA)
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 8examsdemo 7392x exam questions q8

Refer to the exhibit.
You configured vectors in your New York and Denver locations to use Look Ahead Interflow. You want your New York
location to interflow to your Denver location if the Denver split has less than 10 calls in queue. After setting vectors in
exhibit you find that calls are interflowing to Denver.
What would cause calls to interflow with Denver?
A. Step 8 in Denver should be a busy command.
B. The route-to number command in step 6 in New York is allowing calls to Interflow to Denver.
C. The wait-time command in step 1 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and calls to Interflow.
D. The wait-time command in step 3 in Denver is considered a call acceptance command and allowing calls to
Correct Answer: B

Customers need to use the extension 5004 for announcements in a vector but the vector will not save.
To ensure that the resources are configured, what should be done first?
A. Configure an announcement using the extension 5003.
B. Configure a dial plan with a 4-digit extension that begins with 5.
C. Configure a dial plan with a 4-digit feature access code.
D. Record an announcement.
Correct Answer: B

For a Split Day report, how many days of historical data are shown in the Basic Call Management System (BCMS)?
A. 5
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 7
Correct Answer: E

A customer is currently using the Communication Manager Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature and will be
enabling the Expert Agent Selection (EAS) feature.
With EAS enabled, which software mechanism is used for queuing?
A. Agent IDs
C. Agent Stations
D. Skills
Correct Answer: C

Which vector object can replace the Time of Day (TOD) global Vector Variable?
A. Vector Routing Table
B. Business Schedule Table
C. Service Hours Table
D. Policy Routing Table
Correct Answer: C

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