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Cisco CCIE Service Provider 400-201 Exam Practice Questions

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A client has an MPLS inter-AS implementation that is required to have QoS deployed between ASBRs based on IP
packet. At the same time, the client requires minimization of the routing configuration between ASBRs for better
scalability. Which MPLS inter-AS option can achieve this goal?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option AB
Correct Answer: D

A NOC engineer is troubleshooting an issue on a customer\\’s server that is connected to a switch port in the data
center. The engineer has a packet analyzer that is connected to a test port in the NOC. A core network exists between
the NOC and the data center
Which two configuration steps should the NOC engineer apply for the port in the NOC and the customer\\’s switch port
in the data center? (Choose Two)
A. Configure ERSPAN between the NOC test port and customer\\’s switch port
B. Enable an MPLS pseusdowire that is destined to the NOC and used by the mirrored customer traffic to cross
C. Enable GRE encapsulation that is destined to the NOC and supply by the mirrored customer traffic to cross the
D. Enable an MPLS TE tunnel that is destined to the NOC and used by the mirrored customer traffic to cross the core
E. Configure RSPAN between the NOC test port and customer\\’s switch port
Correct Answer: AC

Process-level redundancy is implemented by a system manager process that creates the standby process. What two
functions are provided by the system-level process called Qnet Symlink Manager (QSM)? (Choose two.)
A. backing up the information for the broken connections
B. provides common information for connecting processes and services
C. detection of a failed connection
D. provides an abstract name for a process or service
E. distribution of symbolic link information
Correct Answer: DE
1.4. SP high end product
1.4.01. IOS-XR structure Process-Level Redundancy Process-level redundancy is implemented by a system manager
process creating the standby process. Because the active process created the standby process, the active process has
all the information that it needs to communicate with the standby process. The active process uses a checkpoint
database to share running state with the standby process. Symbolic links and abstract names are used to identify the
processes. Clients do not see the standby process until the active goes away. If a process fails and it has created a
standby process, a system-level process called QNet Symlink Manager (QSM) and a library called Event Connection
Manager (ECM) are used to re-establish links from the clients to the processes.
QSM provides:
Distribution of symbolic link information
Abstract name for a process or service
ECM provides:
Common information for connecting processes and services Detection of broken connections
Only processes considered essential by development engineers are designated to support process-level redundancy.
This is not a user-configurable option. Clients have to reconnect to the “new” active process (the “original” standby
process) when they detect that the active process has failed. Clients can connect to it using the symbolic links and
abstract names. The new active process creates a new standby process.
The general steps in process redundancy are:
The active process dies.
The standby process becomes the active process.
A new standby process starts.
The new active process begins sending updates to the new standby process. Clients begin using the new active
process through the symbolic links and abstract names.

In which modes does selective packet discard (SPD) operate? (Choose three.)
A. discard
B. random
C. normal
D. full
E. select
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two components are shared across secure domain routers? (Choose two)
A. Fabric
C. Memory
D. Fans
E. Forwarding engine
Correct Answer: AD

Drag the MPLS label element on the left to the correct length on the right.
Select and Place:lead4pass 400-201 exam question q6

In which way does the DS-Lite IPv6 transitioning mechanism differ from IPv6 Dual-Stack?
A. DS-Lite is a combination of tunnel and translation technologies.
B. DS-Lite is a transition technology that gives full IPv6 connectivity for IPv6 capable hosts that are on the IPv4 Internet
but have no native connection to an IPv6 network.
C. DS-Lite is an automatic tunnel where the tunnel destination is determined by the IPv4 address extracted from the
IPv6 address that starts with the prefix 2002::/16.
D. DS-Lite is a stateless tunneling mechanism with a lightweight and secure manner without requiring upgrades to
existing IPv4 access network infrastructure.
Correct Answer: A

In a segment routing-enabled network, which two protocols perform label distribution? (Choose two)
Correct Answer: AD

Which two statements about IEEE 802.1ah Provider Backbone Bridge are true? (Choose two.)
A. IEEE 802.1ah enables geographically separated LAN segments to be interconnected as a single bridged domain
over an MPLS network, knowing all the customer MAC addresses.
B. IEEE 802.1ah provides the same Ethernet Layer 2 network services as VLAN does, but with greater extensibility and
flexibility by overlay scheme over a Layer 3 network.
C. IEEE 802.1ah allows a fewer number of pseudowires in the IP/MPLS core to transport a large number of customer
D. IEEE 802.1ah redefines the flooding and forwarding behavior to avoid loops by not flooding frames received from one
member to other members of the same group.
E. IEEE 802.1ah provides a means for interconnecting multiple provider bridged to build a large-scale, end-to-end,
Layer 2 provider bridged network.
Correct Answer: CE
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/routers/asr9000/software/asr9k-r6-4/lxvpn/configuration/guide/b-l2vpn-cg-asr9000-64x/b-l2vpn-cg-asr9000-64x_chapter_0111.pdf

Which two BGP mechanisms solve the BGP full-mesh paradigm? (Choose two.)
A. BGP link state
C. route reflectors
D. hierarchical VPLS
E. confederation
F. route policy filtering
G. community SOO
Correct Answer: CE

A service provider has a requirements to deploy a virtual router in its network to handle high-performance data plane
service up to 20Gbps. Which Cisco solution fulfills this requirement?
A. Cisco 7600
B. Cisco ASR 9000
C. Cisco NCS 6000
D. Cisco CSR 1000v
E. Cisco nexus 9000v
Correct Answer: B

Which timing over packet solution provides only accurate frequency synchronization, but does not provide time/phase
A. Timing over IP connection and transfer of clock BOF
B. Precision time protocol
C. Network time protocol
D. Synchronous Ethernet
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-201 exam question q13

Which attached circuit interface shown uses VC Type 4?
A. Gi8/0/1
B. AT1/0
C. Se5/0
D. ATM2/0
E. Gi4/0.1
Correct Answer: E

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