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A customer\\’s workstation will not boot. A technician runs diagnostics on the system and discovers it is set up in a RAID
0 configuration, and a single SATA hard drive has failed. The system was set up for performance. Once repaired, the
customer requests redundancy be built into the system and an increase in performance.
Which of the following describes how the technician should set up the new RAID configuration?
A. RAID 1 configuration that will utilize new SSD
B. RAID 5 configuration that will allow the loss of a hard drive without failure
C. RAID 6 configuration that will allow the loss of two hard drives without failure
D. RAID 10 configuration utilizing new HDD
Correct Answer: D

Multiple users report that the network printer, which is connected through the print server, is not printing.
Which of the following should a technician do FIRST to remedy this situation?
A. Replace the USB cable.
B. Reinstall the drivers on users\\’ PCs.
C. have users restart their PCs.
D. Clear the print queue.
Correct Answer: D

A technician is building a Windows server to meet the specific needs of a user. The user needs to house a replica of a
very large SQL database to be able to query the database locally.
Which of the following drive configurations would BEST meet the requirements while providing the maximum amount of
performance and storage?
A. OS disk: 128GB M2 Data disk: 4TB 7200rpm HDD
B. OS disk: 256GB 5400rpm HDD Data disk: 1TB 5400rpm HDD
C. OS disk: 512GB 15000rpm HDD Data disk: 64GB M2
D. OS disk: 1TB 7200rpm HDD Data disk: 128GB 10000rpm HDD
Correct Answer: A

A business owner is concerned about excessive paper usage but is not concerned about the wear to the printer of the
use of toner. The business owner asks a technician to find a low-cost solution.
Which of the following is the BEST action for the technician to perform?
A. Configure duplexing
B. Enable collating
C. Adjust the orientation
D. Decrease the quality
Correct Answer: A

A systems administrator wants to take advantage of the benefits of the major cloud providers while retaining some data
and services in the local datacenter.
Which of the following types of cloud model should the administrator consider?
A. Public
B. Private
C. Hybrid
D. Community
Correct Answer: C

A customer has the LCD display in a laptop replaced. After the repair, the customer notices the laptop is showing a
weaker WiFi signal than before the display was replaced. Which of the following BEST explains the lower WiFi signal?
A. The antenna is too close to the screen\\’s power inverter.
B. The new LCD panel is causing interference.
C. The digitizer is calibrated improperly.
D. The radio antennas are damaged.
Correct Answer: B

An employee\\’s mobile device no longer charges, and the employee believes the battery is bad. A technician tests the
mobile device and finds it will charge on a wireless charging pad but not when it is connected to a charging cable. Other
devices charge without issue when the cable is used. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST to
resolve the issue?
A. Clean out the charging port on the device
B. Replace the mobile device\\’s battery
C. Issue a new charging cable to the employee
D. Send the device for service and give the employee a loaner
Correct Answer: A

A technician has configured a custom PC with an eight-core processor. 8GD of RAM a 500GB SSD, and a 100Mbps
NIC for a user who utilizes it for CAD design The user has stated that every tune the CAD program is launched, it slows
down and is almost unusable Which of the following should the technician do to impact system performance the
A. Increase the CPUs to 16 cores.
B. Increase the memory to 37GB.
C. Increase the SSD size to 1 IB.
D. Replace the NIC with a 1 Gbps NIC.
Correct Answer: A

A technician ha just installed a new power ATX power supply in a PC. The technician attached the power cable
attempted boot the machine. The machine prompts with a POST beep code referencing issues with the CPU. Which of
the following connections should be checked?
A. P12 connector
B. HDD Molex connector
C. Fan header connectors
D. ATX power connector
Correct Answer: C

A technician is setting up a new wireless network at a branch office that previously had only wired connectivity with
statically assigned IP addresses. After setting up the network, the technician configures a server to provide IP
addresses to wireless clients. During testing, the technician is unable to access the Internet or named network
resources. The technician receives a valid IP address from the DHCP server and can ping the default gateway.
Which of the following should be technician check NEXT to resolve this issue?
A. Ensure the options are configured to provide a DNS server.
B. Verify the Windows Firewall is turned off.
C. Configure the wireless network\\’s SSID to be hidden.
D. Enable file and printer sharing in the OS.
Correct Answer: A

A developer wants to add a Windows 10 64-bit VM with the minimum system requirements to a virtual host workstation.
The virtual host is running Windows Server 2008 R2 and has 24GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and a Gigabit Ethernet
NIC with Cat 5e cabling. The current configuration of VMs is as follows:
Windows 7 VM with 4GB RAM and 200GB HDD
Linux VM with 16GB RAM and 200GB HDD
Linux VM with 2GB RAM and 100GB HDD
Which of the following should the technician recommend to the developer FIRST?
A. Increase the HDD in the virtual host
B. Install an additional NIC and configure teaming
C. Upgrade the network cabling to Cat 6
D. Increase the memory in the virtual host
Correct Answer: D

A user purchases a wireless printer and sets it up in an office. The user installs all necessary software for the printer on
the computer and connects the printer to the guest wireless network. However, when the user attempts to print to the
printer, nothing happens.
Which of the following will resolve the issue?
A. Set up the user\\’s computer to act as a print server.
B. Configure the printer to use the Internet printing protocol.
C. Ensure the user\\’s computer is set to DHCP.
D. Connect the printer to the company wireless network.
Correct Answer: D

A customer is using a cloud storage program that maintains a copy of local files on the cloud storage servers. The WiFi
network is not very fast, and the customer uses bandwidth-intensive video streaming all day. Which of the following
parameters should be adjusted to keep the cloud storage program from using too much bandwidth?
A. Synchronization settings
B. Wireless settings
C. Video streaming settings
D. QoS settings
Correct Answer: D

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