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A customer is a cloud service provider with an infrastructure powered by HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000. The customer is concerned about their ability to ensure the quality of service and protect their tenants from unpredictable bursts of I/O from other tenants.
What should you recommend to your customer?

A. Use Priority Optimization to enable service levels for workloads.
B. Use Adaptive Optimization to optimize service levels autonomically.
C. Use Dynamic Optimization to automatically manage the quality of service.
D. Use Virtual Domains to automatically set multi-tenant policies.

Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/getpdf.aspx/c04199812.pdf


You are planning a single-site Nimble solution with iSCSI connectivity. Two 10GbE SFP+ dual port NICS are included in the configuration. You designed an intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack with HPE FlexFabric 5900CP switches.
Which statement is correct when discussing the IRF limits for this configuration?

A. When connecting an iSCSI storage to an IRF stack, a minimum of four 10GbE ports must be used per switch.

B. A maximum of two switches can be used in an IRF stack when connecting storage.

C. In an IRF stack with storage connectivity, the 40GbE ports cannot be used.

D. The used IRF ports for iSCSI traffic have to be configured as 10GbE converged ports.

Correct Answer: A


An HPE 3PAR StoreServ customer with FC, SSD, and NL, drives is facing extreme latency during peak business hours with an OLTP application. They have enabled tiering using all drive types.
What could be used to resolve the issue?

A. Dynamic Optimization using tier 2
B. Adaptive Optimization using tier 1
C. Dynamic Optimization between tier 0 and tier 1
D. Dynamic Optimization using tier 1

Correct Answer: B


What performance benefit is provided by using the HPE StoreVirtual DSM for Microsoft MPIO instead of the standard MPIO?

A. The HPE DSM increases availability and reduces latency and throughput.
B. The storage system, which holds a copy of the requested data, services the read I/Os.
C. The iSCSI connections are blocked to non-critical nodes in the cluster by default.
D. The storage system, which receives a copy of the data, does not service the write I/O.

Correct Answer: B


You are planning an upgrade to a customer\’s existing HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200 to include 4-port 16Gb FC adapters.
The servers are zoned to see the storage via four paths. The customer is concerned about storage availability during the upgrade.
Which statement is correct about performing this upgrade?

A. When NPIV is enabled, the 3PAR Port persistence will show all four paths to the servers.
B. The MPIO service will do a failover, and the servers will continue to have access via two paths.
C. Windows servers require host explorer is installed to ensure MPIO is unaffected.
D. As long as the MEM driver is installed on VMware vSphere, no path failures are seen.

Correct Answer: A


A customer asks for an integrated solution for their remote office with All-Flesh storage and ease of management.
Application-aware replication to their main office is an important requirement.
Which HPE solution component should you discuss with the customer first?

A. HPE SimpliVity 380
B. HPE MSA 2052 Storage
C. HPE Nimble CS1000 system
D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8200

Correct Answer: A


A customer is evaluating an HPE 3PAR StoreServ system in a proof-of-concept project. The customer wants to receive emails about important storage system events and alerts.
What feature do you need to configure?

A. HPE OneView integration
B. Secure Service Agent
C. Real-time Alert Processing
D. Local Notification Service

Correct Answer: D


What is used to migrate data between nodes in an HPE StoreVirtual VSA environment?

A. Network RAID
B. Peer Motion
C. SmartClone
D. Remote Copy

Correct Answer: B


After a performance analysis, a customer plants to reorganize his Adaptive Flash Cache (AFC) configuration and wants to raise it from 256GB to 768 GB. Which action is needed to take advantage of the new AFC configuration?

A. Increase the current AFC configuration to reflect the additional space.
B. Remove the old AO configuration and recreate a new one.
C. Run tunesys after raising the AFC to take advantage of the additional space.
D. Remove flash cache for all VVs and then run createflashcache.

Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://d8tadude.com/2014/09/22/adaptive-flash-cache-deep-dive/


Which management interface uses four basic commands (create, read, update, and delete) to enable administrators to define and radically simplify management processes?


Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=emr_na-c04774494


Which 3PAR StoreServ feature allows a host to continue I/O interrupted during a firmware upgrade?

A. Peer Persistence
B. Persistent Memory
C. Persistent Ports
D. Persistent Cache

Correct Answer: C


Which storage principle would benefit a customer who has several departments in their organization with different storage needs?

A. autonomic management
B. multi-tenancy
C. federated storage
D. scale-out storage

Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://h20195.www2.hpe.com/v2/getpdf.aspx/4aa3-3516enw.pdf


Refer to the exhibit.

A customer has upgraded the first of their two HPE StoreServ 8200S to the latest InForm OS version to take advantage of the compression feature. You have been asked to design the storage configuration to support Oracle Database volumes to utilize HPE 3PAR compression.
Based on the analysis of the array, what would be your suggestion to implement the requested change?

A. Consider adding another node pair for compression to work efficiently.
B. Install the Catalyst agent on the Oracle server to enable inline compression on the selected VV.
C. Configure the source-side compression to offload compression to the host.
D. Balance the workloads between the arrays to have enough headroom for compression.

Correct Answer: C


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