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15Cisco Meraki Solutions SpecialistLead4PassDec 02, 2022
New Question 1:

Which Cisco Meraki best practice method preserves complete historical network event logs?

A. Configuring the preserved event number to maximize logging.

B. Configuring the preserved event period to unlimited.

C. Configuring a syslog server for the network.

D. Configuring Dashboard logging to preserve only certain event types.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 2:

Which two features and functions are supported when using an MX appliance in Passthrough mode? (Choose two.)

A. intrusion prevention

B. site-to-site VPN

C. secondary uplinks


E. high availability

Correct Answer: AB


New Question 3:

A customer requires a hub-and-spoke Auto VPN deployment with two NAT-mode hubs with dual uplink connections and 50 remote sites with a single uplink connection. How many tunnels does each hub need to support?

A. 52

B. 54

C. 100

D. 104

Correct Answer: C

New Question 4:
new 500-220 dumps questions 4

Refer to the exhibit. Which two actions are required to optimize load balancing asymmetrically with a 4:1 ratio between links? (Choose two.)

A. Change the primary uplink to “none”.

B. Add an internet traffic preference that defines the load-balancing ratio as 4:1.

C. Enable load balancing.

D. Set the speed of the cellular uplink to zero.

E. Change the assigned speeds of WAN 1 and WAN 2 so that the ratio is 4:1.

Correct Answer: BC

New Question 5:

What are the two roles of the network and device tags in a Dashboard? (Choose two.)

A. Tags enable administrators to configure a combination of network and device-specific tags to create summary reports filtered for specific devices across multiple networks.

B. Network tags can be used to assign networks to separate Auto VPN domains in an Organization with many networks.

C. Network tags can be used to simplify the assignment of network-level permissions in an Organization with many networks.

D. Device tags can be used to simplify the assignment of device-level permissions in an Organization with many administrators.

E. Device tags can be assigned to MR APs to influence the gateway selection for repeaters in a mesh wireless network.

Correct Answer: AE


New Question 6:

Which two actions can extend the video retention of a Cisco Meraki MV Smart Camera? (Choose two.)

A. enabling audio compression

B. installing an SSD memory extension

C. enabling motion-based retention

D. enabling maximum retention limit

E. configuring a recording schedule

Correct Answer: CE


New Question 7:
new 500-220 dumps questions 7

Refer to the exhibit. What is the advantage of implementing inter-VLAN routing on an MX Security Appliance rather than performing inter-VLAN routing on an MS Series Switch?

A. The MX appliance performs IDS/IPS for inter-VLAN traffic.

B. The MX appliance performs AMP for inter-VLAN traffic.

C. The MX appliance performs data encryption for inter-VLAN traffic.

D. The MX appliance performs content filtering for inter-VLAN traffic.

Correct Answer: C

New Question 8:

Which requirement is needed to implement Fast Lane on Cisco Meraki APs?

A. wireless profile installed on an Apple iOS device

B. wireless profile installed on a Cisco iOS access point

C. adaptive 802.11r disabled

D. traffic shaping rule tagging traffic with a DSCP value of 46 to

Correct Answer: A


New Question 9:

Which three verbs of request are available in the Cisco Meraki API? (Choose three.)







Correct Answer: BEF


New Question 10:

In an organization that uses the Co-Termination licensing model, which two operations enable licenses to be applied? (Choose two.)

A. Renew the Dashboard license.

B. License a network.

C. License more devices.

D. Call Meraki support.

E. Wait for the devices to auto-renew.

Correct Answer: AC


New Question 11:

One thousand concurrent users stream video to their laptops. A 30/70 split between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz is used. Based on the client count, how many APs (rounded to the nearest whole number) are needed?

A. 26

B. 28

C. 30

D. 32

Correct Answer: C

New Question 12:

For which two reasons can an organization become “Out of License”? (Choose two.)

A. licenses that are in the wrong network

B. more hardware devices than device licenses

C. expired device license

D. licenses that do not match the serial numbers in the organization

E. MR licenses that do not match the MR models in the organization

Correct Answer: BC


New Question 13:

Which Meraki Dashboard menu section is accessed to enable Sentry enrollment on an SSID?

A. Wireless > Configure > Access Control

B. Wireless > Configure > Splash page

C. Wireless > Configure > Firewall and Traffic Shaping

D. Wireless > Configure > SSIDs

Correct Answer: A


New Question 14:

What is the best practice Systems Manager enrollment method when deploying corporate-owned iOS devices?

A. manual

B. Apple Configurator

C. Sentry enrollment


Correct Answer: B


New Question 15:

A Cisco Meraki MV camera is monitoring an office and its field of vision currently captures work desks and employee computer screens. However, recording employee computer screens is prohibited by local regulations.

Which feature in the Dashboard can be used to preserve the current position of the camera while also meeting regulation requirements?

A. zone exclusion

B. privacy window

C. area or interest

D. sensor crop

E. restricted mode

Correct Answer: E

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