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HPE6-A78 Exam Summary:

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HPE6-A78
Exam Name: Aruba Certified Network Security Associate
Certification: Aruba-ACNSA
Exam Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Passing score: 63%
Exam length: 60 questions
Language: Japanese, English, Latin American Spanish
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HPE6-A78 Dumps Questions: 60 Q&A
Official Information: https://certification-learning.hpe.com/TR/datacard/Exam/HPE6-A78

Read the following HPE6-A78 free exam questions and answers:


You need to deploy an Aruba instant AP where users can physically reach It. What are two recommended options for enhancing security for management access to the AP? (Select two )

A. Disable Its console ports
B. Place a Tamper Evident Label (TELS) over its console port
C. Disable the Web Ul.
D. Configure WPA3-Enterpnse security on the AP
E. install a CA-signed certificate

Correct Answer: BE


You have an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC). for which you are already using Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) to authenticate access to the Web Ul with usernames and passwords You now want to enable managers to use certificates to log in to the Web Ul CPPM will continue to act as the external server to check the names in managers\’ certificates and tell the MC the managers\’ correct rote in addition to enabling certificate authentication.

What is a step that you should complete on the MC?

A. Verify that the MC has the correct certificates, and add RadSec to the RADIUS server configuration for CPPM

B. install all of the managers\’ certificates on the MC as OCSP Responder certificates

C. Verify that the MC trusts CPPM\’s HTTPS certificate by uploading a trusted CA certificate Also, configure a CPPM username and password on the MC

D. Create a local admin account mat uses certificates in the account, specify the correct trusted CA certificate and external authentication

Correct Answer: A


A company has Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs). Aruba Campus APs. and ArubaOS-CX switches. The company plans to use ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) to classify endpoints by type The ClearPass admins tell you that they want to run Network scans as part of the solution.

What should you do to configure the infrastructure to support the scans?

A. Create a TA profile on the ArubaOS-Switches with the root CA certificate for ClearPass\’s HTTPS certificate

B. Create device fingerprinting profiles on the ArubaOS-Switches that include SNMP. and apply the profiles to edge ports

C. Create remote mirrors on the ArubaOS-Swrtches that collect traffic on edge ports, and mirror it to CPPM\’s IP address.

D. Create SNMPv3 users on ArubaOS-CX switches, and make sure that the credentials match those configured on CPPM

Correct Answer: B


What role does the Aruba ClearPass Device Insight Analyzer play in the Device Insight architecture?

A. It resides in the cloud and manages licensing and configuration for Collectors
B. It resides on-prem and provides the span port to which traffic is mirrored for deep analytics.
C. It resides on-prem and is responsible for running active SNMP and Nmap scans
D. It resides In the cloud and applies machine learning and supervised crowdsourcing to metadata sent by Collectors

Correct Answer: D


What correctly describes the Pairwise Master Key (PMK) in the specified wireless security protocol?

A. In WPA3-Enterprise, the PMK is unique per session and derived using Simultaneous Authentication of Equals.

B. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is unique per session and derived using Simultaneous Authentication of Equals.

C. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is derived directly from the passphrase and is the same tor every session.

D. In WPA3-Personal, the PMK is the same for each session and is communicated to clients that authenticate

Correct Answer: A


Your Aruba Mobility Master-based solution has detected a rogue AP Among other information the ArubaOS Detected Radios page lists this Information for the AP SSID = PubllcWiFI
BSSID = a8M27 12 34:56 Match method = Exact match Match type = Eth-GW-wired-Mac-Table
The security team asks you to explain why this AP is classified as a rogue. What should you explain?

A. The AP Is connected to your LAN because It is transmitting wireless traffic with your network\’s default gateway\’s MAC address as a source MAC Because it does not belong to the company, it is a rogue

B. The ap has a BSSID mat matches authorized client MAC addresses. This indicates that the AP is spoofing the MAC address to gam unauthorized access to your company\’s wireless services, so It is a rogue

C. The AP has been detected as launching a DoS attack against your company\’s default gateway. This qualities it as a rogue which needs to be contained with wireless association frames immediately

D. The AP is spoofing a routers MAC address as its BSSID. This indicates mat, even though WIP cannot determine whether the AP is connected to your LAN. it is a rogue.

Correct Answer: D


Which attack is an example of social engineering?

A. An email Is used to impersonate a Dank and trick users into entering their bank login information on a fake website page.

B. A hacker eavesdrops on insecure communications, such as the Remote Desktop Program (RDP). and discovers login credentials.

C. A user visits a website and downloads a file that contains a worm, which sell-replicates throughout the network.

D. An attack exploits an operating system vulnerability and locks out users until they pay the ransom.

Correct Answer: A


What are the roles of 802.1X authenticators and authentication servers?

A. The authenticator stores the user account database, while the server stores access policies.
B. The authenticator supports only EAP, while the authentication server supports only RADIUS.
C. The authenticator is a RADIUS client and the authentication server is a RADIUS server.
D. The authenticator makes access decisions and the server communicates them to the supplicant.

Correct Answer: D


What is a Key feature of my ArubaOS firewall?

A. The firewall is stateful which means that n can track client sessions and automatically allow return traffic for permitted sessions

B. The firewall Includes application layer gateways (ALGs). which it uses to filter Web traffic based on the reputation of the destination website.

C. The firewall examines all traffic at Layer 2 through Layer 4 and uses source IP addresses as the primary way to determine how to control traffic.

D. The firewall is designed to fitter traffic primarily based on wireless 802.11 headers, making it ideal for mobility environments

Correct Answer: B


What is a vulnerability of an unauthenticated Dime-Heliman exchange?

A. A hacker can replace the public values exchanged by the legitimate peers and launch an MITM attack.

B. A brute force attack can relatively quickly derive Diffie-Hellman private values if they are able to obtain public values

C. Diffie-Hellman with elliptic curve values is no longer considered secure in modem networks, based on NIST recommendations.

D. Participants must agree on a passphrase in advance, which can limit the usefulness of Diffie- Hell man in practical contexts.

Correct Answer: A


What is the benefit of deploying Aruba ClearPass Device insight?

A. Highly accurate endpoint classification for environments with many devices types, including Internet of Things (loT)

B. visibility into devices\’ 802.1X supplicant settings and automated certificate deployment

C. Agent-based analysts of devices\’ security settings and health status, with the ability to implement quarantining

D. Simpler troubleshooting of ClearPass solutions across an environment with multiple ClearPass Policy Managers

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

You need to ensure that only management stations in subnet can access the ArubaOS-
Switches\’ CLI. Web Ul. and REST interfaces The company also wants to let managers use these stations to access other parts of the network.
What should you do?

A. Establish a Control Plane Policing class that selects traffic from 192.168 1.0/24.
B. Specify as authorized IP manager address
C. Configure the switch to listen for these protocols on OOBM only.
D. Specify vlan 100 as the management vlan for the switches.

Correct Answer: A


How should admins deal with vulnerabilities that they find in their systems?

A. They should apply fixes, such as patches, to close the vulnerability before a hacker exploits it.
B. They should add the vulnerability to their Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
C. They should classify the vulnerability as malware. a DoS attack or a phishing attack.
D. They should notify the security team as soon as possible that the network has already been breached.

Correct Answer: A


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