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Which of the following are setting options for the User Interface?
A. Enable Collapsible Sections
B. Show Quick Create
C. Show customer Sidebar Components on All Pages
D. Transfer all Open Opportunities E. Enable Drag-and-drop scheduling on List Views
Correct Answer: ABCE

The Self Service Portal and Customer Portal are the same technology?
A. Yes
B. No
Correct Answer: B

Which is the new type of Dashboard Chart to make entry in Spring\\’11 Release?
A. Waterfall Chart
B. Scatter
C. Gauge
D. Metric
E. Organization Chart
Correct Answer: B

True or False, Final reject actions in a workflow approval process can include actions such as email alerts.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

In List View Enhancements, users can export list results to CSV file
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

Can you set Standard and Custom fields as unique or required using the Property feature?
Correct Answer: No, only custom fields.

History Tracking can be performed on the following Standard Objects Except Select the choice which is applicable.
A. Accounts
B. Forecasts
C. Contacts
D. Leads
E. Opportunities
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT controlled by the Page Layout?
A. How detail and edit pages are organized
B. Field properties like visible, read-only and required
C. Controlling which fields, related lists, and Custom Links users sees
D. Page section customizations
E. Rollup summary
Correct Answer: E

Sharing rules can be formed on the following except:
A. Custom objects
B. Standard objects
C. Junction Objects
D. Objects on managed packages
Correct Answer: D

What is Partner Portal? Choose 2 answers:
A. Use your company logo on a Partner Site
B. Develop Partner Application on Platform
C. Data goes into your Salesforce objects through a third party site
D. Create Interactive Communities
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: AC

What should be the Advanced filter Conditions to meet the requirement “Find contacts owned by Poo that have a title of
CFO, functional role of CFO, or reports to the CFO?
1) Title equals CFO 2) Functional Role equals CFO 3) Reports To equals CFO 4) Contact Owner contains Poo
A. (1 OR 2 OR 3) AND 4
B. (4 AND (2 OR 3)) OR 1
C. (1 OR 2 OR (3 AND 4)
D. (1 AND (2 OR 3)) OR 4
Correct Answer: A

Using the following hierarchy, if a sharing rule exists granting Operations Person Read/Write access to Sales
Management on the Account Object, what access does Operations Management have to Sales Management\\’s
Default access for the Account object is Public Read Only. Executive Management Sales Management Sales Person
Operations Management Operations Person
A. None
B. Read Only
C. Read/Write
D. Read/Write/Transfer
Correct Answer: C
Read/Write is granted through role hierarchy permissions from the sharing rule. If the sharing rule referenced a sharing
group then the Grant Access Using Hierarchies would not apply. This could also be true for a custom object; all
standard objects require Grant Access Using Hierarchies.

What is the limit of Master-Detail Relationships per object?
A. 35
B. 25
C. 15
D. 3
E. 2
F. 8
Correct Answer: E

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Sales reps at AW Computing need assistance from product Salesforce dumps managers when selling certain products. Product managers do not have access to Opportunities but need to gain access when assisting on a specific deal. How can the system administrator accomplish this?
A. Notify the product manager using opportunity update reminders
B. Use similar opportunities to show opportunities related to the product manager
C. Enable account teams and allow users to add the product manager
D. Enable sales teams and allow users to add the product manager
Correct Answer: D
The following can be done by a System Admin to a standard field.
A. Change the field label
B. Add help text
C. Add/edit values of a picklist
D. Delete the field
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Correct Answer: ABC

Who can manually share records?
A. The record owner
B. The record owner’s manager
C. The record owner’s manager’s manager
D. The system administrator
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Correct Answer: E

If Field Level Security prevents a user from viewing the ADM-211 vce Credit Card field on the Opportunity record, the user will also be prevented from seeing this field (choose all that apply)
A. In a related list
B. In search results
C. In reports
D. In list views
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Correct Answer: E
AW Computing needs to track the ADM-211 pdf manufacturer and model for specific computers and laptops. How can the system administrator ensure that manufacturer selected influences the values available for model.
A. Create a multi-select picklist field that includes both manufacturers and models.
B. Create a lookup field from the manufacturer object to the model object
C. Create a manufacturer field as a controlling picklist and the model as a dependent picklist
D. Create a manufacturer field as the dependent picklist and the model as the controlling picklist.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following are true about formula fields?
A. They are read-only
B. They will not display on record edit pages
C. They will not display on record detail pages
D. They are not searchable
E. They will not display on reports
Correct Answer: ABD

The system administrator has been asked to ADM-211 dumps create a way to track Shipments of products to customers. Shipments should be closely tied to the Opportunity record and there may be more than one shipment record per Opportunity and the Opportunity should be required (i.e. Users cannot save a Shipment record without associating it to an Opportunity). The system administrator should create.
A. A cross object formula displaying Opportunity ID on the Shipment record
B. A Master – Detail relationship on the Shipment object to the Opportunity object
C. A lookup relationship on the Opportunity object to the Shipment object
D. A lookup relationship with a lookup filter from Opportunity to Shipment
Correct Answer: B

You will need a security token to ADM-211 exam access Salesforce via (choose all that apply)
A. Import Wizard
B. Data Loader
C. Salesforce for Outlook
D. All of the above
Correct Answer: BC

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