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HPE2-T37 Dumps Material Exam Question Core: Knowledge and skills in designing, deploying, and operating the HPE OneView Management Suite as a management and configuration control plane for HPE products and solutions based on the Using HPE OneView topic.

Using HPE OneView Exam Details:

I will share exam-specific information that all candidates using HPE OneView should know.

HPE2-T37 is the latest exam for HPE Product Certified – OneView [2022] certification. For specific information, see:

Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HPE2-T37
Exam Name: Using HPE OneView
Certification: HPE Product Certified – OneView [2022]
Exam duration: 1 hour
Exam length: 40 questions
Passing score: 70%
Delivery languages: Japanese, English, Korean
types of questions: Matching, Multiple choice (multiple responses), Multiple choice (single response), Drag-and-drop, Point and click

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Your customer has an environment with five HPE Synergy Composers and 15 HPE OneView appliances managing servers that run VMware. The customer is having a hard time managing their servers.

What can the customer do to simplify the management of this complex environment?

A. deploy HPE OneView for VMware vCenter Server
B. deploy HPE OneView Global Dashboard
C. use an Ansible playbook
D. integrate all HPE OneView appliances and HPE Composers with Active Directory

Correct Answer: A


Your customer plans to use HPE OneView to manage a small environment based on HPE ProLiant servers that include G7 and Gen10 systems.

What should you explain to this customer?

A. HPE ProLiant G7 and Gen10 cannot be managed using the same appliance
B. HPE Management Agent must be installed for HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers
C. Not all of the features will be available for HPE ProLiant G7 systems
D. HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers do not need an HPE OneView license

Correct Answer: D


You try to add a new connection within a server profile, but an operation fails when you try to commit the changes.

What is a possible reason?

A. You tried to add an additional connection above the limit
B. The server is powered on
C. The server does not have an HPE OneView license applied
D. The server is powered off

Correct Answer: B


Click the option that will prevent the appliance from sending any email notifications or forwarding any SNMP traps that are related to the server hardware.
Hot Area:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docId=a00059445en_usanddocLocale=en_US


You have created volumes using array management tools and imported the volumes to HPE OneView.

Which statement about these volumes is true?

A. Imported volumes are treated as private volumes and can be only used as boot volumes
B. Volumes imported to HPE OneView are managed just like a volume created using HPE OneView
C. Volumes imported to HPE OneView cannot be removed using the HPE OneView interface
D. A snapshot for imported volumes can be created only by using array management tools

Correct Answer: D


You originally configured boot mode for HPE ProLiant Gen10 server to Legacy BIOS\\' in an HPE OneView server profile and deployed an operating system. A few weeks later, you change the boot mode to theUEFI optimized\’ to leverage some features provided by this model.

What must you do next?

A. reset an iLO management processor to activate the new boot mode for the server
B. reinstall an operating system, as UEFI is using a different drive format than Legacy BIOS
C. reset BIOS settings to the defaults so UEFI settings can be applied
D. reset BIOS settings to the defaults through the server profile after changing the boot mode

Correct Answer: A


You want to update the firmware for only two HPE Synergy Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Modules of a large environment. From which level must this procedure be initiated?

A. Logical Enclosure
B. Logical Interconnect
C. Server Profile
D. Logical Interconnect Group

Correct Answer: C


Which statement regarding HPE OneView backup restore is true?

A. During backup restore, users with Administrator privileges can still log in to HPE OneView
B. An HPE OneView backup can be used to restore individual components like server profile
C. Users with Backup Administrator privileges can restore an HPE OneView backup
D. Only users with Infrastructure Administrator privileges can restore an HPE OneView backup

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about server connections is true?

A. LACP on downlinks is configured for Ethernet connection
B. All connections within the server profile are using physical IDs
C. Ethernet connection is configured to boot from PXE
D. Storage array is connected directly to an HPE Synergy frame

Correct Answer: C


You are creating a Logical Interconnect Group for a three-frame HPE Synergy solution with HPE Virtual Connect SE100Gb F32 Modules for Synergy.

In which scenario should you set redundancy for master modules to be highly available?

A. When storm control or loop protection will be enabled for Virtual Connect modules
B. When each of the frames has two Virtual Connect modules installed
C. When each Virtual Connect module is installed in a different frame
D. When each Virtual Connect module is installed in a different fabric

Correct Answer: A


Which locations are supported for HPE OneView remote scheduled backup? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: AC


How will setting the Purpose field within the network definition of a server profile impact the network traffic?

A. network purpose can give higher priority to a specific type of traffic
B. network purpose will impact the traffic only if Virtual Connect modules are used
C. network purpose will define QoS within Logical Interconnect
D. network purpose does not affect the behavior of the network

Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the storage pools shown is true?

A. Volumes created on the first storage pool cannot use data reduction technologies
B. Both storage pools are in a managed state and can be used for volume provisioning
C. HPE OneView can be used to configure volume replication between these pools
D. Both storage pools have a license applied that enables management of these pools

Correct Answer: A


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