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Vendor: HP
Exam Code: HPE0-J68
Exam Name: HPE Storage Solutions
Certification: HPE ASE
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 63%
Delivery languages: English, Japanese, Korean
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A customer has a SAN infrastructure with the HPE C-class blade Enclosure, and a mix of ProLiant G7,gen8, and Ge9 servers. They require a new storage platform … How can you confirm the storage array will be supported in the existing environment?

A. Check recommended firmware levels in the HP SAN design reference guide to ensure firmware compatibility

B. Document existing server and SAN information, and consult SPOCK to ensure firmware compatibility

C. Design and array with the latest firmware, and recommend that the customer engage HPE point Next to upgrade the existing hardware

D. Design an array with older versions of the firmware to ensure compatibility


What is the benefit of HPE Synergy? (Choose two.)

A. It supports up to three HPE StoreVirtual VSA nodes for storage RAID.
B. It can compose and reclaim DAS storage.
C. It supports HPE BladeSystem c-class FlexFabric interconnect modules.
D. It can use HPE 3PAR File Persona for object storage.
E. It can prevent block storage services from HPE 3PAR as part of the resource pool.


What are the benefits of HPE synergy? (Select 2)

A. It can present block storage services from HPE 3par as part of the resource pool
B. It supports up to 3 HPE store Virtual VSA nodes for storage RAID
C. It can use HPE 3PAR file persona for objet storage
D. It can compose and reclaim DAS storage
E. It supports HPE blade system C-Class Flex Fabrics Interconnect module (need to check)


You are planning a single-site Nimble solution with iSCSI connectivity. Two 10GbE SFP+ dual-port NICs are included in the configuration. You designed an Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) stack with HPE FlexFabric 5900CP switches.
Which statement is correct when discussing the IRF limits for this configuration?

A. When connecting an iSCSI storage to an IRF stack, a minimum of four 10GbE ports must be used per switch.
B. A maximum of two switches can be used in an IRF stack when connecting storage.
C. In an IRF stack with storage connectivity, the 40GbE ports cannot be used.
D. The used IRF ports for iSCSI traffic have to be configured as 10GbE converged ports.


You are advising a customer on a new backup strategy to deploy HPE StoreOnce.
What should you recommend to ensure the best storage utilization and performance?

A. consolidate activity windows for housekeeping tasks
B. size solution for a single backup device
C. combine management and backup Ethernet traffic
D. use separate backup targets for different data types


During the Technology workshop, the customer asks about the difference between converged and fiber channel switches. What would be the benefits of using flex fabric switches in a fiber channel storage environment?

A. Support for combining multiple physical switches into one virtual switch with a single IP address

B. Support for six Ethernet and two fiber channels, or six Ethernet and two ISCSI or eight Ethernet adapters per server.

C. Zones can be configured for QoS with high, medium, and low priorities within a fabric on a zone-by-zone basic

D. In-flight compression and encryption provide efficient link utilization and security


You are designing a new HPE 3PAR StoreServ all-flash array for the customer.. Which ratio should you expect to have the highest efficiency?

A. Read/write ratio
B. Reclamation ratio
C. Compaction Ratio
D. Thin provisioning ratio


A customer wants to implement a virtualized environment and wants to provide independent storage access to individual virtual servers. Which feature needs to be enabled on the B-series FC switches to support this solution?



A customer has an excisting environment with 3PAR, Nimble, and MSA
They are providing file servicing from all arrays with multiple virtual machines but preference is not adequate.
What should you add to the environment to increase performance, increase availability, and reduce management overhead?

A. StoreEasy 3850 Gateway
B. StoreEasy 5000
C. 3PAR File Persona
D. Simplvity 380


You are adding a new host for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ proof-of-concept. In addition to the hostname, What is the minimum information that is required to create a host profile?

A. Host Persona
B. Host MAC
C. Host set
D. Host WWN


A customer is concerned about the business risks of non-compliance for long-term data protection, retention, immutability, and encryption on petabytes of data consisting of millions of objects in a global namespace across multiple geographic locations.
Which products should you recommend to the customer to address their concern? (Choose two.)

A. HPE StoreOnce Systems
B. HPE Complete Veeam
C. HPE Complete iTernity iCAS
D. HPE Scality RING on HPE Apollo Servers
E. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 9000


Which resource provides configurations for HPE tested and referenced configurations in a software-defined storage environment?

A. HPE Storage Sizer
B. One Config Advanced
C. NinjaStars
D. StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes


A customer has a new Nimble CS3000 21T storage system and is facing latency issues for his 2TB ERP database.

What would be a design approach to solve this issue?

A. Perform controller upgrade to a Nimbel CS3000 storage systems
B. Add additional SSD drives as a cache to the system and PIN the volume
C. Enable storage tiering on the system and map the volume to the new tier
D. Change RAID of the drives to RAID -1 and setup the quality of services for the volume


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Q12DHPE StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes–HPE tested reference configurations on HPE ProLiant servers that address typical virtualization and remote office use cases and deployment of converged solutions.

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