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1. A customer has started to load their HPE 3PAR 8450 with data but is not sure what data reduction they are achieving. They ask you to run an analysis and estimate the deduplication ratio of data currently on a virtual volume (VV). Which CLI command should you use to understand data reduction ratios?

A. showvv
B. tunevv
C. convertvv
D. checkvv

Reference: https://manualzz.com/doc/34471724/hpe-3par-adaptive-data-reduction

2. A customer has a Tier 1 application that has high bandwidth and is sensitive to latency. The customer needs a solution to support this application. The solution must support replication between two sites over dark fiber links and support an RPO of zero.

Which solution meets the customer requirements?

A. dual HPE 3PAR 9450 arrays with data replicated using RCFC
B. dual Nimble AF40 arrays with data replicated over FC
C. dual HPE 3PAR 8400 arrays with data replicated using iSCSI
D. dual Nimble HF20 arrays with data replicated over iSCSI

3. Refer to the Exhibit.

hpe0-j58 exam questions 3

A customer with an existing HPE Nimble installation sends you the output shown. The administrator who initially set up the replication has left the company. They ask you what the current RPO level for their replication is.

How should you respond?

A. They need to verify the RPO level from the host vc-ms-fileserver
B. They have an RPO of four minutes
C. They need to send a screenshot of the volumes tab
D. They have an RPO of two minutes

4. A customer has a requirement to provide Disaster Recovery for an application that is very sensitive to IO latency. The customer has specified an RPO of less than 3 minutes for this application.

How can HPE 3PAR Remote Copy help meet the customer’s specified requirements?

A. by using Asynchronous Streaming Replication
B. by using Synchronous Replication
C. by using Synchronous Long Distance Mode
D. by using Periodic Asynchronous Replication with an interval of 3 mins

5. A customer wants to implement a disaster recovery plan for their current HPE 3PAR array data. They have obtained a remote site 10km away from their primary site. They have performed bandwidth testing, and have confirmed their RTT is approximately 100ms. The customer needs to provide data replication to assure the best data availability they can achieve.

Which synchronization method meets their needs?

A. Asynchronous Streaming
B. Asynchronous Periodic Remote Copy
C. Synchronous Remote Copy
D. Peer Persistence

6. A customer needs a data recovery solution for their HPE 3PAR array. They have the following requirements: RPO needs to be within three hours RTO needs to be within three hours There is no need for an offsite data archive They will have a limited maintenance window.

Which solution meets all of the customer needs?

A. HPE 3PAR StoreServ with RMC
B. HPE StoreOnce
C. HPE StoreAll
D. HPE StoreEver

7. A customer needs to set up specific replication bandwidth requirements to limit the bandwidth between HPE Nimble Storage replication partners, which is different than the bandwidth requirements to another Replication Partner. Which Bandwidth parameter should the customer use?

A. Array-to-array Limit
B. Per-partner limit
C. Partner Maximum limit
D. Overall limit policy

8. How does the HPE Nimble Storage product strategy support a customer\’s investment protection requirements for today and the future?

A. by supporting replication with arrays from other vendors
B. by supporting the implementation of third party cache, spinning media, and flash media
C. by supporting replication between current and previous-generation array models
D. by supporting the repurposing of obsolete array controllers as high-density servers

9. You are proposing a replication solution to a customer. A competitor offers a solution based on storage virtualization appliances. What should you stress about an HPE 3PAR replication solution in regard to the competitor\’s proposal?

A. It will add on-the-fly encryption and compression to data being replicated outside the customer\’s DC
B. It means less overhead for management and monitoring
C. It offers best-in-class backup and restores capabilities
D. It offers superior virtualization of 3rd party storage arrays

10. A customer has a solution from another vendor. The customer ran into issues of a disproportionally high failure rate of media keeping log file data. The issue also appeared in the second array, to which the data is being replicated. The customer specifically asks you for a solution that will not have this same issue. Which feature of HPE 3PAR arrays should you emphasize?

A. creating snapshots on different physical disks
B. wide striping data across controllers and disks
C. ASIC accelerated thin provisioning
D. inline compression and data packing

11. Customer needs to replace their outdated storage arrays.

Which resource provides the necessary information to properly size a solution?

A. HPE NinjaCrawler
B. HPE Ninja Stars for Nimble
C. HPE Storage Sizer
D. HPE Storage Assessment Foundry

12. A customer wants to enable an automated failover for their two existing HPE 3PAR solutions, which are located in two different sites. Each solution has an All-inclusive Single-System Software license. Which component is required to enable this function?

A. All-inclusive Multi-System Software License
B. Fibre channel Bridges to connect the disk shelf
C. Additional HPE 3PAR system as a quorum witness
D. Dark fiber connection between the sites

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