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Latest effective Cisco Account manager 700-551 Exam Practice Tests

What are the three key issues that customers with compliance standards issues are dealing with? (Choose three.)
A. Lack of access policies
B. Government controlled security
C. E-mail exposure
D. Device incompatibility
E. Malware attacks
F. Network visibility
Correct Answer: ADF

Whichare three small budget customer concerns? (Choose three.)
A. Budget is controlled by sales
B. Licenses are too cheap
C. Multiple devices are leaving a gap in security
D. Products are not packages together
E. Solutions are not prioritized to threats
F. Security budget has been decreasing
Correct Answer: ACF

Which are three attack vectors of thethreat-centric defense? (Choose three.)
A. SaaS apps
B. Cloud apps
C. E-mail
D. Voicemail
E. Mobile
Correct Answer: BCE

Which three are key points from the Threat-Centric module? (Choose three)
A. The Cisco Security Portfolio provide security across the entire business environment
B. Cisco Security provides direct, simple, and balanced detection by driving customer outcomes
C. Customers are searching for security answers without interrupting productivity
D. Cisco Security is the#1 threat model
E. Cisco Security provides flexible, simple, and integrated advanced threat detection, through a multilayered approach
F. Aneffective security solution can help overcome ever-growing security challenges
Correct Answer: BDE

Which three options are a result of utilizing a fragmented security model? (Choose three.)
A. Cyber criminals have decreased access to applications
B. Multiple points of access that can be exploited by cyber criminals
C. Patchworked applications that continually increase in complexity
D. Decreased network accessibility through multiple applications
E. Individual components pieced together that are incompatible
F. Additional fragmentation reduces the risk from malicious files
Correct Answer: BCE

Which are two key solutions and features of the Campus and Branch threat-centric solution? (Choose two.)
A. Behavioral Indication of Compromise
B. File Retrospection and Trajectory
C. Network Analytics
D. Enabled and protected investments
Correct Answer: CD

What three types of solutions are provided in the Cisco security portfolio? (Choose three)
A. Cloud Security
B. Policy and Access
C. E-mail Analytics
D. Advanced Threat
E. SaaS and Cloud Platform
F. Firewall Security
Correct Answer: ACD

What NGIPS appliance would you use if your customer is at the enterprise level and requires modular architecture that
is scalable?
A. Cisco 4000 series ISR
B. FirePOWER 8000 series
C. ASA 7000 series
D. Cisco 800 series ISR
E. FirePOWER 2100 series
Correct Answer: B

Which two attack vectors protected by Cyber Threat Defense and Network Analytics? (Choose two )
A. Web
B. E-mail
C. Campus and Branch
D. Voicemail
E. Cloud apps
Correct Answer: BC

What business outcomes are most customers driving to achieve in response to the current security threat landscape?
A. Increased scalability blocking only current threats:enabled business
B. Complete protection, visibility control and enabled business
C. Increased scalability visibility and control, blocking only current threats
D. Complete protection, increased fragmentation, enabled business
Correct Answer: B

Which are three Cloud Security products? (Choose three)
A. Meraki
B. Investigate
C. NGFWv(Virtual)
D. Cisco Umbrella
E. Cloudlock
F. Web Security
Correct Answer: BDE

Which are two attack vectors protected by DNS-Layer security? (Choose two.)
A. Mobile
B. Webmail
C. Cloud technology
D. E-mail
E. Voicemail
Correct Answer: BD

Which are three key solutions and features of the Datacenter threat-centric solution? (Choose three.)
A. Global ThreatIntelligence
B. Data center defense policy enforcement
C. Constant threat protection at all levels
D. Enhanced visibility of data, user, and device behavior
E. Enabled scalability and capability across the business
F. File Reputation
Correct Answer: CDE

Which are two key points of the Partner Value Proposition module? (Choose two.)
A. The Cisco Partner Ecosystem provides partners with the right knowledge, resources, and tools to drive a
successfulsecurity practice.
B. The security market is growing and the increasing complexity in protecting customer environments is driving demand
for specialized partners.
C. The Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio drives customer business outcomes by providing threat-centric defense,
visibility and control, and flexible solutions
D. The collaboration between partners and the Ecosystem is pivotal in supporting customers to drive business
Correct Answer: AC

Which is the issue you are dealing with,when a customer has a different user groups that needs distinct levels of access
to data?
A. Limited mobility
B. Growing business
C. Vulnerable cloud
D. Small budget
E. Compliance issue
Correct Answer: E

How does Cisco TrustSec help secure sensitive data and regulating network access?
A. E-mail security
B. Provide customer choice
C. Traffic tagging
D. Leverage file reputation
E. Ensure compliance
Correct Answer: C

What are two ways Cisco helps partners Go-To-Market? (Choose two.)
A. Logo and brand creation
B. An evolving threat mitigation software
C. Reduced cost of entry
D. A customerengagement platform
E. Training and specializations
Correct Answer: AC

Which are three key security vectors customers need to monitor to overcome security challenges? (Choose three.)
A. Data Center
B. Hackers Device
C. SaaS and Cloud Platform
D. Campus and Branch
E. Cloud Apps
F. Malware Protection
Correct Answer: ADF

Which are three key products andbenefits of the endpoints threat-centric solution? (Choose three )
A. AnyConnect
B. URL Sampling
C. URL Filtering
D. Enhanced access and usage control with ISE
E. CRD and Network Analytics
F. Increased flexibility across device environments with Cisco Umbrella
Correct Answer: ADF

What NGFW appliance would you use if your customer is a small business thatrequires multilayered protection and task
A. FirePOWER 3100 series
B. ASA 4100 series
C. ASA 5500-X with FirePOWER
D. Cisco 500 series ISR
E. Cisco 4000 series NGIPS
Correct Answer: C

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[PDF] Free Cisco Account manager 700-551 pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

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