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Which statement best describes Cisco Smart Business Architecture?
A. Cisco Smart Business Architecture is a set of modeling tools that help customers design their future Cisco Collaboration Architecture model
B. Cisco Smart Business Architecture is a set of advanced design guides to help customers and partners design new advanced architectures.
C. Cisco Smart Business Architecture is a solution-level series of step-by-step solution and architecture guides to help quickly and efficiently implement mainstream architectures.
D. Similar to Cisco Validated Designs, Cisco Smart Business Architecture helps early adaptors to implement new technologies before they become mainstream technologies
Correct Answer: C

Cisco Collaboration Architecture differentiates from other solutions in terms of a unified workspace that creates a unique user experience. What is the main need of end users that needs to be addressed?
A. to have a centrally managed unified communication solution
B. to build up the architecture on any platform
C. to allow collaboration any time, on any device, and with any content
D. to ensure that telepresence is a mandatory part of any Cisco Collaboration Architecture
E. to establish appropriate security policies around collaboration applications
Correct Answer: C
QUESTION 3           700-070
Which of the following is a main business requirement in the financial services industry?
A. lower IT expenses through virtualization
B. high-performance trading
C. customer retention
D. integration of financial trading applications at the desktop
E. reduce time to market for new innovative financial products
Correct Answer: B

Which two options should you keep in mind when presenting a solution for the business side to the non-IT executives? (Choose two)
A. They need to know how the collaboration architecture will help achieve their strategicgoals.
B. They need detailed information about the different layers of the future collaboration architecture.
C. They need to understand the applications and services that you have embedded in your architectural design.
D. They need information on how collaboration architecture will be deployed and serviced.
E. They need to know how the collaboration architecture will provide benefits and supporttheir operational business.
Correct Answer: AE

Security plays an essential role in the Cisco Collaboration Architecture. In which layers of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture is security implemented?
A. Cisco provides advanced security solutions in the infrastructure and collaboration services layers whilethe collaboration applications layer security is ensured by third-party solutions.
B. Advanced Cisco security solutions are implemented in all layers of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture model.
C. Cisco security solutions are integrated into the infrastructure layer and partially into the collaboration services layer.
D. Security is implemented in all the layers except in the medianet services interface layer.
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements indicate that the customer needs an infrastructure that can efficiently accommodate organizational changes? (Choose two.)
A. Collaboration equipment must be deployed at several locations and data centers.
B. Collaboration applications must be flexible to quickly adapt to changes in user demand.
C. The lifetime of any technology in our company is approximately two to three years
D. We need technology to dictate and lead business processes.
E. Future success of our company depends on operational agility.
Correct Answer: BE

Which two options are characteristics of Cisco collaboration cloud-based solutions? (Choose two.) 700-070
A. private cloud collaboration solution
B. data center interconnected solution
C. hosted collaboration solution partner cloud
D. security intelligence operations
E. integrated computed stacks
Correct Answer: AC

Which of the following is a reason why it is important to identify and collect business KPIs when designing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture?
A. to be able to identify the weakest building blocks of the business model and propose Cisco Collaboration Architecture for that building block
B. to be able to translate features and functionalities of Cisco Collaboration Architecture into benefits for measured KPIs
C. to be able to understand the customer’s processes, partners, business model, strategy, and vision
D. to be able to propose how the business model can be improved by using Cisco Collaboration Architecture
Correct Answer: B

How can the Cisco collaboration services layer of Cisco Collaboration Architecture help managers to measure KPIs?
A. The Cisco collaboration services layer is a standalone element of Cisco Collaboration Architecture and delivers services that directly improve business KPIs
B. Cisco collaboration services and infrastructure layers compose Cisco Collaboration Architecture that improves technical KPIs.
C. The Cisco collaboration services layer delivers additional performance information to demonstrate increased business performance.
D. Conferencing, IP communications, telepresence, and other Cisco collaboration services deliver additional information to show the increased business performance.
Correct Answer: C

Which option leads to the development of high-level and detailed customer designs? 700-070
A. mapping collaboration maps with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions
B. mapping collaboration maps with the customer’s existing solutions
C. mapping collaboration maps with the customer assessment procedure
D. mapping collaboration maps with the customer business model
Correct Answer: A

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