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Question No : 1
Which two activities are examples of social engineering? (Choose two)
A. receiving call from the IT department asking you to verify your username/password to maintain the account
B. receiving an invite to your department’s weekly WebEx meeting
C. sending a verbal request to an administrator to change the password to the account of a user the administrator does know
D. receiving an email from MR requesting that you visit the secure HR website and update your contract information
E. receiving an unexpected email from an unknown person with an uncharacteristic attachment from someone in the same company
Answer: A,D

Question No : 2
Which term represents the practice of giving employees only those permissions necessary to perform their specific role within an organization?
A. integrity validation
B. due diligence
C. need to know
D. least privilege
Answer: D

Question No : 3
Which concern is important when monitoring NTP servers for abnormal levels of traffic?
A. Being the cause of a distributed reflection denial of service attack.
B. Users changing the time settings on their systems.
C. A critical server may not have the correct time synchronized.
D. Watching for rogue devices that have been added to the network.
Answer: C
Question No : 4                         210-250
A firewall requires deep packet inspection to evaluate which layer?
A. application
B. Internet
C. link
D. transport
Answer: A

Question No : 5
Which situation indicates application-level white listing?
A. Allow everything and deny specific executable files.
B. Allow specific executable files and deny specific executable files.
C. Writing current application attacks on a whiteboard daily.
D. Allow specific files and deny everything else.
Answer: C

Question No : 6
For which reason can HTTPS traffic make security monitoring difficult?
A. encryption
B. large packet headers
C. Signature detection takes longer.
D. SSL interception
Answer: D

Question No : 7
According to RFC 1035 which transport protocol is recommended for use with DNS queries?
A. Transmission Control Protocol
B. Reliable Data Protocol
C. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
D. User Datagram Protocol
Answer: B

Question No : 8
One of the objectives of information security is to protect the CIA of information and systems. What does CIA mean in this context?
A. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability
B. Confidentiality, Identity, and Availability
C. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authorization
D. Confidentiality, Identity, and Authorization
Answer: A

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