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300-465 CLDDES – Cisco:

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and ability to:

  • translate requirements into cloud/automation process designs
  • design Private Cloud infrastructures
  • design Public Cloud infrastructures
  • design Cloud Security Policies
  • design Virtualization and Virtual Network Services

Latest updates Cisco 300-465 exam practice questions


A customer wants to interconnect two geographically separated private clouds. A V-Block design is running in both

locations. The customer wants to provide IP connectivity between remote data center sites via the MPLS core of their

ISP. The connection must meet these requirements: 

Maintain loop prevention 

Ensure that storage and data center traffic are load-balanced between both locations 

Ensure that disaster recovery is easily managed and implemented at Layer 2 and Layer 3 throughput. 

Which DCI technology satisfies these requirements? 


B. IPsec VPN 




Correct Answer: D 


A cloud administrator is designing security policies for a hybrid cloud using Cisco Intercloud Fabric. 

Which two security capabilities does Intercloud Fabric provide for hybrid clouds. (Choose two.) 

A. open access cloud VMs 

B. Encrypted VM to VM communication 

C. open access site-to-site communication 

D. role-based access control on cloud resources 

Correct Answer: BD 


Which protocol is used to extend Layer 2 for long-distance bridging? 






Correct Answer: A 


A cloud administrator is designing security policies for the control plane of a private Cloud. Which two statements about

control plane Cloud Security are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The dynamic control plane is not required to have visibility to all traffic between the user and the applications. 

B. The dynamic control plane does not require visibility into the data plane and all components that operate within the

data plane. 

C. A dynamic control plane must be able to intercept traffic as it traverses the cloud, interpret the data, and instruct the

cloud architecture on how to efficiently connect the user to the appropriate application instance. 

D. Dynamic control plane elements are a requirement at every layer of the cloud architecture for cloud environments to

be operationally efficient and on demand. 

Correct Answer: AD 


To best leverage Cisco UCS stateless computing, the server manager has decided to boot from an existing storage


Which type of storage must be provisioned for the boot LUNs? 

A. block 

B. hybrid 

C. object 

D. file 

Correct Answer: A 


Which hypervisor supports VM Lockstep Protection? 

A. VMWare 

B. HyperV 

C. Oracle 

D. Citrix 

Correct Answer: A 


Which three components are involved in the design of Cisco Secure cloud extension? (Choose three) 

A. Intercloud Fabric Extender 

B. Amazon Hybrid Cloud 

C. third party firewall to secure the connection 

D. Amazon Web Services 

E. TLS tunnel, to extend the VLAN 

F. Intercloud Fabric Switch 

Correct Answer: ACF 


For which three entities can the prime service catalog be integrated with Cisco UCS Director to discover and create

orderable services? (Choose three.) 

A. fenced templates, fenced catalogs 

B. advanced catalog 

C. VACS templates, VACS containers, VACS catalogs 

D. hybrid cloud catalog 

E. fenced container templates, fenced container catalogs 

F. standard catalog 

Correct Answer: BDF 




Which two options are Cisco Intercloud Fabric use cases? (Choose two.) 

A. development and testing 

B. capacity reduction 

C. legal compliance 

D. secure administrative access 

E. shadow IT control 

Correct Answer: AE 



Which two scenarios require Cisco Prime Service Catalog as a front-end to Cisco UCS Director? (Choose two.) 

A. The Stack View is leveraged for improved visibility 

B. Developers must be able to create a three-tier architecture using Stack Designer 

C. VACS has been implemented for deploying a containerized model 

D. The self-service model is also used to order phone services 

E. An advanced workflow is required for IT automation 

Correct Answer: CE 


Which two of the following describe how isolation can be achieved for VMDC data center security? (Choose two.) 

A. intrusion prevention appliances that inspect traffic and detect security events on a per-VLAN basis 

B. role-based access and authentication 

C. virtual routing and forwarding tables 

D. proper infrastructure hardening 

E. application redundancy 

F. policy enforcement and access control 

Correct Answer: AC 


An engineer is constructing a hybrid cloud solution for a customer and wants to ensure cloud visibility. Which two

components are part of identification? (Choose two.) 

A. network management 

B. firewall/deep packet inspection 

C. event analysis and correlation 

D. digital certificates 

E. network flow data collection 

Correct Answer: BC 


A UCS Director administrator must migrate a VM from a hypervisor to a pubic cloud. In which two ways can this task be

accomplished? (Choose two) 

A. You can perform vMotion and Storage VMotion simultaneously on a running VM. 

B. VM Migration can occur using the Migrate VM wizard. 

C. You can add the Migrate VM task from the Cisco UCS Director task library to a workflow for migration. 

D. vMotion or Storage vMotion can be triggered through Virtual > Migration menu. 

Correct Answer: AC

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