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A customer is looking to implement a Web-Based Health Check solution with the following requirements:
for the HR user\\’s client devices, check if a USB stick is mounted.
for the RandD user\\’s client devices, check if the hard disk is fully encrypted.
The Web-Based Health Check service has been configured but the customer it is not sure how to design the Profile
How can be accomplished this customer request?

A. create two Posture Policies and customize the OnGuard Agent (Persistent or Dissolvable) to select the correct SHV

B. create one Posture Policy and define Rules Conditions that will apply different Tokens for each SHV check condition

C. create two Posture Policies and use the Restrict by Roles option to filter for HR and RandD user roles and apply the
correct SHV checks

D. create one Posture Policy to check the HR users client devices and use the NAP Agent to check RandD users client



A customer is complaining that some of the devices, in their manufacturing network, are not getting profiled while other loT devices from the same subnet have been correctly profiled. The network switches have been configured for DHCP IP helpers and IF-MAP has been configured on the Aruba Controllers. What can the customer do to discover those devices as well? (Select two.)

A. Update the Fingerprints Dictionary to the latest in case new devices have been added.
B. Open a TAC case to help you troubleshoot the DHCP device profile functionality.
C. Add the ClearPass Server IP as an IP helper address on the default gateway as well.
D. Allow time for IF-MAP service on the controller to discover the new devices as well.
E. Manually create a new device fingerprint for the devices that are not being profiled.



Refer to the exhibit: The customer configured an 802.1x service with different enforcement actions for personal and
corporate laptops. The corporate laptops are always being redirected to the BYOD Portal. The customer has sent you
the above screenshots. How would you resolve the issue? (Select two)

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q3 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q3-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q3-2

A. Modify the enforcement policy and change the rule evaluation algorithm to select first match
B. Modify the enforcement policy and re-order the condition with posture not_equals to healthy as the sixth condition
C. Modify the enforcement policy and re-order the EAP-PEAP with [user authenticated] rule to the last condition.
D. Modify the enforcement policy and re-order the condition with Posture – Unknown as the fifth condition
E. Remove the EAP-PEAP with [user authenticated] condition for Onboard and create another service



Refer to the exhibit: The customer created a new enforcement policy condition to allow VIP Users access without
additional security compliance checks hut cannot gel it working. The customer has sent you the above screenshots.
How would you resolve the issue?

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q4 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q4-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q4-2

A. Ask the VIP user to complete the one time web health check to get the VIP profile.
B. Set the Enforcement Policy rules evaluation algorithm to evaluate all.
C. Include VIP User role along with the Healthy posture enforcement condition.
D. Modify the Enforcement Policy and re-order the VIP user condition to the lop.



Refer to the exhibit:

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q5 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q5-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q5-2

Your customer configured a ClearPass server to process the Guest and Secure SSIDs broadcasting from both Aruba
and Cisco WLAN controllers When an Employee connects to Aruba or Cisco secure SSID, the authentication hits the
guest service causing the client to fail the connection to the network.
What change can be implemented to make both the secure and guest services created for Aruba and Cisco devices to
work correctly?

A. Move the HS-Guest User Authentication with MAC Caching service to the first position.
B. Modify the service rule matching algorithm to ALL in HS-Guest User Authentication service.
C. Disable HS-Guest User Authentication service and move HS-Guest MAC Authentication to seventh position.
D. Move the HS_Building Aruba 802.1x service to the second position in the service order.



Refer to the exhibit:

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q6 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q6-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q6-2 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q6-3 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q6-4

You have configured Onboard and cannot get it working The customer has sent you the above screenshots. How would you resolve the issue?

A. Re-provision the client by running the QuickConnect application as Administrator
B. Install a public signed server authentication certificate on the ClearPass server for EAP
C. Reconnect the client and select the correct certificate when prompted
D. Copy the [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set the correct OCSP URL



Refer to the exhibit: A customer has configured Onboard and Windows devices work as expected but cannot get the
Apple iOS devices to Onboard successfully. Where would you look to troubleshoot the Issued (Select two)

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q7

A. Check if the ClearPass HTTPS server certificate installed in the server is issued by a trusted commercial certificate

B. Check if the customer installed the internal PKl Root certificate presented by the ClearPass during the provisioning

C. Check if a DNS entry is available for the ClearPass hostname in the certificate, resolvable from the DNS server
assigned to the client.

D. Check if the customer has Instated a custom HTTPS certificate for IDS and another internal PKl HTTPS certificate for
other devices.

E. Check if the customer has installed the same internal PKl signed RADIUS server certificate as the HTTPS server



Refer to the exhibit:

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q8 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q8-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q8-2 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q8-3 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q8-4

You have configured an Onboard portal for single SSID provision. During testing you notice that the QuickConnect
Application did not display the “Connect” button, only the finish button. To get connected the test user had to manually connect to the secure-HS-5007 SSID but was prompted for a username and password.
Using the screenshots as a reference, how would you fix this issue?

A. Check the network settings for the correct SSID name spelling.
B. Change the network settings to use EAP-TLS for the authentication protocol.
C. Install a public signed HTTPs web server certificate on the ClearPass server.
D. Configure the SSID to support both EAP-PEAP and EAP-TLS authentication method.



A Customer has these requirements:
2.000 loT endpoints that use MAC authentication
6,000 endpoints using a mix of username/password and certificate (Corporate/BYOD) based authentication
1,000 guest endpoints at peak usage that use guest self-registration
1500 BYOD devices estimated as 3 devices per User (500 users)
2,500 endpoints that have OnGuard installed and connect on a daily basis
What licenses should be installed to meet customer requirements?

A. 11,500 Access, 500 Onboard, 2,500 Onguard
B. 13.000 Access, 1.500 Onboard, 2,500 Onguard
C. 11,500 Access, 1,500 Onboard, 2.500 Onguard
D. 9,000 Access, 500 Onboard. 2.500 Onguard



You have configured a Guest SSID with Captive-portal Web Authentication and MAC authentication The MAC caching
expiry time set to 12 hours and the Guest Account expiration time is set to 8 hours. What will happen if the guest were
to disconnect from the SSID and re-connect 9 hours later?

A. The client will tail the MAC authentication and be denied access to the Guest SSID.
B. The client will successfully pass the mac authentication until the mac caching time expires.
C. The client will successfully pass the MAC authentication but still be redirected to captive portal page.
D. The client will fail the MAC authentication and will be redirected to the Captive-portal login page.



Refer to the exhibit: After the helpdesk revoked the certificate of a device reported to be lost oy an employee, the lost
device was seen as connected successfully to the secure network. Further testing has shown that device revocation is
not working. What steps should you follow to make device revocations work?

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q11 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q11-1 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q11-2

A. Copy the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set The Verify certificate using OSCP
option as required then update the correct OSCP URL link of the OnBoard CA. Remove EAP-TLS and map the custom
created method to the OnBoard Authorization Service.

B. copy the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set the verify certificate using OSCP:
option as “required” then configure the correct OSCF URL link for the OnBoard CA. Remove EAP-TLS and map the
new [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] method to the 802 1X Radius Service.

C. Remove the EAP-TLS authentication method configuration changes are required and add “EAP-TLS with OCSP
Enabled” authentication method in the OnBoard Provisioning service. No other configuration changes are required.

D. Edit the default [EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] authentication method and set the Verify certificate using OSCP
option as required then update the correct OSCP URL link of the OnBoard CA Remove EAP-TLS and map the new
[EAP-TLS with OSCP Enabled] method to the OnBoard Provisioning Service.



Refer to the exhibit: A customer has configured a Guest Self registration page for their Cisco Wireless network with the
settings shown. What should be changed in order to successfully authenticate guests users?

HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q12 HP hpe6-a77 exam questions q12-1

A. Secure Login should use HTTP
B. Change the Vendor Settings to Airespace Networks
C. Change \he IP Address to the Cisco Controller DNS name
D. Login Method should be Controller-initiated – using HTTPs form submit



A customer has created a Guest Sett-Registration page that they would like to use it as `template\\’ for all the new
pages that are going to be created from now on. Their goal is to ensure that the header and footer on every page are
the same, and any edits made to them are automatically reflected on every Self-Registration Page.
What should be configured in order to accomplish this request?

A. Save the “template” page as Master Self-Registration page
B. Create child pages when creating new Self-Registration pages and select the “template” as Parent
C. Save this “template” page as a new Skin to be used on other Self-Registration pages
D. Copy the “template” page and edit it each time a new Self-Registration Page is needed

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