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In the vi editor, how can commands such as moving the cursor or copying lines into the buffer be issued multiple times
or applied to multiple rows?
A. By using the command :repeat followed by the number and the command.
B. By specifying the number right in front of a command such as 4l or 2yj.
C. By selecting all affected lines using the shift and cursor keys before applying the command.
D. By issuing a command such as :set repetition=4 which repeats every subsequent command 4 times.
Correct Answer: B

Which command will display messages from the kernel that were output during the normal boot sequence?
Correct Answer: dmesg, /bin/dmesg

What information can the lspci command display about the system hardware? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Device IRQ settings
B. PCI bus speed
C. System battery type
D. Device vendor identification
E. Ethernet MAC address
Correct Answer: ABD

During a system boot cycle, what program is executed after the BIOS completes its tasks?
A. The bootloader
B. The inetd program
C. The init program
D. The kernel
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following commands can be used to search for the executable file foo when it has been placed in a
directory not included in $PATH?
A. apropos
B. which
C. find
D. query
E. whereis
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following sequences in the vi editor saves the opened document and exits the editor? (Choose TWO
correct answers.)
A. esc ZZ
B. ctrl :w!
C. esc zz
D. esc :wq!
E. ctrl XX
Correct Answer: AD

Instead of supplying an explicit device in /etc/fstab for mounting, what other options may be used to identify the intended
partition? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
Correct Answer: CE

Which of the following commands is used to change options and positional parameters for a running Bash?
A. history
B. set
C. bashconf
D. setsh
E. envsetup
Correct Answer: B

What is the purpose of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard?
A. It is a security model used to ensure files are organized according to their permissions and accessibility.
B. It provides unified tools to create, maintain and manage multiple filesystems in a common way.
C. It defines a common internal structure of inodes for all compliant filesystems.
D. It is a distribution neutral description of locations of files and directories.
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following commands overwrites the bootloader located on /dev/sda without overwriting the partition table or
any data following it?
A. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512
B. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1
C. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=440 count=1
D. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=440
Correct Answer: C

In the vi editor, which of the following commands will copy the current line into the vi buffer?
A. c
B. cc
C. 1c
D. yy
E. 1y
Correct Answer: D

What of the following statements are true regarding /dev/ when using udev? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. Entries for all possible devices get created on boot even if those devices are not connected.
B. Additional rules for udev can be created by adding them to /etc/udev/rules.d/.
C. When using udev, it is not possible to create block or character devices in /dev/ using mknod.
D. The /dev/ directory is a filesystem of type tmpfs and is mounted by udev during system startup.
E. The content of /dev/ is stored in /etc/udev/dev and is restored during system startup.
Correct Answer: BD

Which of the following commands will print the last 10 lines of a text file to the standard output?
A. cat -n 10 filename
B. dump -n 10 filename
C. head -n 10 filename
D. tail -n 10 filename
Correct Answer: D

After running the command umount /mnt, the following error message is displayed:
umount: /mnt: device is busy.
What is a common reason for this message?
A. The kernel has not finished flushing disk writes to the mounted device.
B. A user has a file open in the /mnt directory.
C. Another file system still contains a symlink to a file inside /mnt.
D. The files in /mnt have been scanned and added to the locate database.
E. The kernel thinks that a process is about to open a file in /mnt for reading.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following commands changes the ownership of file.txt to the user dan and the group staff?
A. chown dan/staff file.txt
B. chown dan:staff file.txt
C. chown -u dan -g staff file.txt
D. chown dan -g staff file.txt
Correct Answer: B

What is the default action of the split command on an input file?
A. It will break the file into new files of 1,024 byte pieces each.
B. It will break the file into new files of 1,000 line pieces each.
C. It will break the file into new files of 1,024 kilobyte pieces each.
D. It will break the file into new files that are no more than 5% of the size of the original file.
Correct Answer: B

When running the command
sed -e “s/a/b/” /tmp/file >/tmp/file
While /tmp/file contains data, why is /tmp/file empty afterwards?
A. The file order is incorrect. The destination file must be mentioned before the command to ensure redirection.
B. The command sed did not match anything in that file therefore the output is empty.
C. When the shell establishes the redirection it overwrites the target file before the redirected command starts and
opens it for reading.
D. Redirection for shell commands do not work using the > character. It only works using the | character instead.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following kernel parameters instructs the kernel to suppress most boot messages?
A. silent
B. verbose=0
C. nomesg
D. quiet
Correct Answer: D

Which umask value will result in the default access permissions of 600 (rw——-) for files and 700 (rwx——) for
directories? (Specify only the numerical umask value.)
Correct Answer: 0077, 077

Which of the following characters can be combined with a separator string in order to read from the current input source
until the separator string, which is on a separate line and without any trailing spaces, is reached?

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