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Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization Requirements:

Latest effective Cisco Account manager 700-651 Exam Practice Tests

Which Cisco product is a premised-based, cloud-managed telephone platform that targets the SMB market for partner
recurring revenue?
A. Cisco Hybrid Media Services
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000
C. Cisco Spark Flex Plan
D. Cisco Business Edition 4000
Correct Answer: D
Cisco launched a new premise-based, cloud-managed telephony platform targeting the SMB market. The new Cisco
Business Edition 4000 provides affordable telephony and voice mail for up to 200 devices, according to Trollope. https://

Which option does BYOx refer to?
A. bring your own application
B. bring your own XML
C. bring your own device
D. bring your own experience
Correct Answer: C

Which option do all aspects of the Unified Communications and Collaboration system rely on?
A. licensing that is purchased
B. administrator security rights
C. proper design and deployment of the system architecture
D. proper delegation of tasks during the sales cycle and deployment
Correct Answer: C
All aspects of the Unified Communications and Collaboration System, including call routing, call control, applications
and services, and operations and serviceability, rely heavily on proper design and deployment of the system

For which purpose was the Cisco Spark Flex Plan designed?
A. to simplify the transition to cloud-based collaboration solutions
B. to simplify the transition to hybrid-based collaboration solutions
C. to simplify the transition to all collaboration solutions
D. to simplify the transition to premises-based collaboration solutions
Correct Answer: A

Which options are the Cisco user-based license models?
A. Cisco UWL and Cisco UCL
B. Cisco WUL and Cisco CUL
C. Cisco Flex Plans
D. Cisco User Integration and Adoption Plans
Correct Answer: A

Which purpose of the Quick Pricing tool is true?
A. It obtains general design best practices.
B. It provides pricing guidance on the optimal solution.
C. It builds the BOM for you.
D. It provides detailed design options for Cisco Collaboration.
Correct Answer: C

For on-premises deployments, which option does Cisco recommend for a consistent one meeting experience and full
A. Cisco Telepresence Server
B. Cisco Meeting Server
C. Cisco Expressway
D. Cisco Conductor
Correct Answer: B
Cisco Meeting Server provides a consistent one-meeting experience for every meeting attendee, as well as open
interoperability, all based on a highly scalable software architecture supporting business-quality meetings from mobile
through immersive via audio, video, and web. The software has two major elements: the server software and an
extension of the server in the form of an app/client that Knowledge Workers use to access and control their meetings.
Cisco Meeting Server supports standards-based video endpoints, including the Cisco portfolio of telepresence
endpoints as well as third-party solutions such as Skype for Business. It includes Personal Multiparty (PMP) and Shared
Multiparty (SMP) licenses, Multibrand license, and Recording port licenses

Which option lists the components of Cisco Spark?
A. messaging and meeting
B. messaging, meeting, and collaboration
C. messaging, meeting and calling
D. messaging, calling, and collaboration
Correct Answer: C
Cisco Spark Services is a subscription-based offer hosted in the Cisco cloud that provides Subscriber access to our end-
to-end suite of collaboration software (“Cisco Spark Services”). Cisco Spark Flex Plan is a flexible way to subscribe to
Cisco Spark across a variety of deployment models and buying models. Under the Cisco Spark Flex Plan you can
choose between Cisco-hosted cloud services and licensed software for on-premises or partner-hosted solutions, and
you can mix or flexibly migrate from one deployment or buying model to another under one subscription (“Cisco Spark
Flex Plan”). The three core Cisco Spark Services capabilities are messaging, meeting, and calling.

Which feature of SWSS eliminates the need to repurchase software licenses?
A. software updates
B. expert support
C. license portability
D. license updates
Correct Answer: C
When purchased with Cisco ONETM Software, SWSS provides support for license portability. During a hardware
refresh, this allows you to reassign license entitlements from one hardware platform to another and eliminates the need
to purchase new software licenses.

How is transactional revenue procured?
A. through a subscription-based model
B. through a one-time transaction
C. through a time-building model
D. through massive marketing campaigns
Correct Answer: D

Which option do you need to apply a customer budget to products?
A. knowledge of who the decision makers are
B. clear understanding of the end goal
C. if the customer has any flexibility in their budget to buy additional products as needed
D. what licenses apply to each product
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco UCL plans support all Cisco user devices?
A. Basic and Enhanced
B. Enhanced and Enhanced Plus
C. Essential and Enhanced Plus
D. Essential and Basic
Correct Answer: B

Which components of the on-premises collaboration solution offer IP firewall traversal for B2B and B2C calling?
A. Cisco Expressway Core and Expressway Edge
B. Cisco Telepresence Conductor
C. Cisco Telepresence Server
D. Cisco Unity Connection server
Correct Answer: A

How is recurring revenue procured?
A. through a time-building model
B. through a one-time transaction
C. through a subscription-based model
D. through massive marketing campaigns
Correct Answer: C

Which Cisco platform provides all of the applications and integrations that other vendors have built?
A. Hybrid Media Services
B. Cisco API and Bot Plan
C. Spark Depot Marketplace
D. Cisco Spark Flex Plan
Correct Answer: C

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